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Platino Cleancut Lustre is one of the glossiest pair of sheer to waist pantyhose in the world. They are incredibly soft and's like oil effect to the legs. Sliding into a pair takes on a new meaning as you quite literally slide into them. The micro-silicone coated material provides 15 den sheerness, look and glass-like smoothness which can be only compared to 100% nylon stockings but with generous 35% Lycra.

Unbelievably smooth and slippery sensation is simply difficult to describe and there is no doubt that your legs will be noticed wearing these pantyhose for a night out or any other occassion. Topping off these beauties is Platino's laser cut technology to provide the super flat waistband as there is no fold over stitching or micro band.

So stay tuned and visit our updates page regularly because there will be more of them

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